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The Packaging Collective

Fostering know-how and personal growth

The Packaging Collective is committed to fostering talented and trained professionals in order to thrive, prosper and face today’s challenges.

We continue to develop new forms of training, continuous development and professional accreditation for those who desire it

The Packaging Collective training in packaging pledges to include:

specifically tailored courses for individuals, companies and brands, including broader disciplines that add value such as materials, design, technology, Circular Economy, legislation, supply chain and engineering. 

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) training will also be developed in order to support all packaging training needs within the industry.

This training is being led, developed and delivered by leading and expert industry practitioners.

As part of our societal growth commitment, The Packaging Collective intends to sponsor at least one student a year on one of these future courses. 

​​Learn and develop with us.

For more information, contact us below:

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