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Sanjay Patel
Sanjay Patel

Networking & Events


The Packaging Collective is the place for new conversations about packaging; where state-of-the-art engages with and works for the state of the environment.

The Packaging Collective is set to re-vision and re-engineer the industry’s conference and networking events; inspiring, informing and motivating the packaging sector like never before.


The Packaging Collective events will:


- touch on all kinds of packaging and product delivery solutions.

- debate the key topics that move us forward as an industry.


- provide forums for the under 35s in our industry – to encourage relevance and topicality  


- use the highest calibre facilitators and speakers to promote engagement chairs to provide an engaging series of industry-focused events


- uncouple issues of selling and advertising so that our partners in retail and the supply chain can enjoy open debate under Chatham House rules.         


Please contact Sanjay for

more information



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