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Packaging Collective to offer valuable insight at this year's Making Pharmaceuticals 2021 exhibition

The Packaging Collective will be offering valuable insight into the impact of evolving packaging trends and legislation during this year’s Making Pharmaceuticals 2021 exhibition and conference programme.

Sanjay Patel, Co-founder of Packaging Collective, will be presenting at the event taking place at the Coventry Building Society Arena, October 5-6, 2021. Josh Remi, Commercial Manager at packaging data specialist, ecoveritas, will represent the Packaging Collective when he speaks about new regulations affecting producers of packaging for pharmaceutical products.

Sanjay’s session, The Real Cost of Packaging, takes place in Room A on October 5, 11.50am-12.10pm. Sanjay will look at the implications for the pharmaceutical market of environmental, societal and economic issues and trends within the packaging industry.

Josh will then provide vital context to legal changes on the horizon in Future UK Packaging Policy: Unpacked, also on October 5, in Room A, 12.10pm-12.30pm. He said: “The world today has a heightened focus on the impact that packaging waste has on our environment. Our presentation will look at the current and approaching legislative landscape for packaging within the UK, including Extended Producer Responsibility, Plastic Tax and Deposit Return Schemes. We will cover what all this change means for UK businesses over the next few years.”

The Making Pharmaceuticals conference programme is free to attend. To join Sanjay Patel and Josh Remi at their respective sessions on behalf of the Packaging Collective, you can register here.

Delegates interested in being part of the Packaging Collective community can find out more here. Membership is free for individuals and provides a range of benefits, from business-to-business networking and events to updates on packaging education, events, news, awards and more.

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