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Packaging Technology roles

One of the biggest lessons we learn when joining the packaging sector is that it’s so much more than designing packs and printing pouches. When so much modern industry and commerce relies on constant innovation and performance from the sector, it serves as a stark reminder of just how valuable our industry is.

Upward momentum is absolutely crucial, both in terms of new innovations and new members of the packaging workforce. At the Packaging Collective, we believe that fresh blood, bringing new ideas and technology to the table, while building on legacy operations that have stood the test of time, is how we build a stronger and more resilient future. Part of this remit is opening up, promoting and amplifying roles in the industry that allow individuals to flourish.

We want to highlight some of the exciting roles available from PA Consulting Group, a strategic consultancy that helps businesses make better and more profitable use of data and innovation. The business supports a diverse range of industry sectors, from commercial and retail through to life sciences, healthcare and manufacturing.

Remember, a packaging role is never ‘just’ packaging – it’s all about combining skills with vision, and translating science into real-world innovation. Whether you’re new to the packaging sector or more experienced, check out some of the packaging technology roles currently available:

Full time, permanent positions based in Cambridge

Looking to make use of a strong background in background in materials science or physical chemistry? PA Consulting is seeking a forward-thinking individual that would like to apply their knowledge to applications within the consumer products and packaging field.

The ideal candidate will have a strong theoretical background in materials sciences, coupled with some industrial exposure.

Click here to learn more about this role.

Principal Packaging Technology Consultant, Materials & Process

Full time, permanent position based in Cambridge

Responsible for conducting technology landscape research and studying the feasibility of breakthrough packaging technologies, the role works closely with a diverse client base of brand owners, start-ups and established packaging suppliers.

Can you confidently and accurately link consumer insights to new ideas, business models and emerging technologies? If you can, this may be the ideal role for you!

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Senior Mechanical Engineer, Automated Systems Design

Full time, permanent role based in Melbourn, Hertfordshire

Are you a manufacturing expert that can be the ‘voice’ of the production floor when new products or technologies are on the table? The role sits within the PA Global Innovation and Technology Centre, among a team of fifty talented and motivated engineers. The team’s remit spans machine builds, process development, product design and related disciplines, and sits at the very heart of PA’s ability to support its clients.

The role is diverse and engaging, operating across many different industry sectors. The role is perfect for a talented, hands-on individual looking to make a real difference to the world around us.

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About the Packaging Collective

At Packaging Collective, we’re proud to champion industry progress, open important conversations on packaging sustainability, and highlight exciting roles across the packaging and print industries.

As an organisation that represents the interests of the full packaging supply chain, our team believes that constant investment in technology, and equal investment in people, is central to the ongoing success of the sector.

Why not discover more about the Packaging Collective, its global community of designers and packaging specialists and the benefits of membership? Click here to discover more.

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